Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello Mommie,

I'm sorry I haven't written in a long time. But, it was so much fun having you home. I was so happy to be able to play with you, and sit with you, sleep with you. But, then we took you back to that place and left you. I was sooooooo sad. I cried a long time on the way home. Papa let me sit on his lap, but mommie I wanted you. So, I'm sorry I haven't written but, it was hard for me to do this cause it made me so sad. I love you mommie.

But, I'm ok now. I know you are there because it's good for you.

Well, let me tell you what happened the other night. I was sleeping with Grandma and rolled over but didn't know where I was on the bed. Mommie, I rolled off the end of the bed. I was caught hanging between the sheets and the end of the bed. I wasn't quite awake and it was so scary. I was yelling for Grandma to help me....and she did. But, mommie Grandma laughed at me. That wasn't very nice. Well...I guess that it was a little bit funny. But, it was so scary. Emma laughed at me too. And, she told Lucy and Dominic and they laughed too.

Well, I love you mommie. Papa says you are going to be home in a couple of weeks for something called "Easter". All I know is I am glad you'll be home again.

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